Hadar is a multi-purpose, multi-asset crypto wallet which will be optimised for some more unconventional DeFi solutions, compared to most standard crypto wallets.
It was launched to be compatible with all BTC, ETH and ERC-20 tokens and planned for compatibility with most protocols in the near future. Centaur has partnered with an infrastructure service provider to provide decentralised node services for the Hadar wallet.
Hadar utilises a unique methodology for managing the keys and addresses of its users in a way that facilitates non-custodianship while working with an email/password model that is more user-friendly by design.
As the ideal wallet to complement staking on Centaur Swap, Hadar will attain more features in time to come.
To keep Hadar users updated on the latest DeFi industry trends, Centaur is planning to integrate a news aggregator and price alerts into the Hadar Wallet. In addition to this, its dashboard has an intuitive UI which provides the user with analytic data of their crypto-portfolio, and its network will allow users to synchronise its app across multiple platforms.