Dapp Integration

Decentralised applications have been rapidly gaining traction, primarily in the DeFi sector with a myriad of swaps, lending protocols and algorithmic stablecoins. On most desktop interfaces, these platforms gain access via wallet extensions, providing a familiar structure for users. However, on mobile, individual web pages are loaded up within the application, which results in an inconsistent user experience.
On this front, Hadar is building a streamlined user interface that will remain consistent regardless of the platform or dapp. For instance, although each swap and farm (excluding forks) utilises a different user interface or layout, the features can be broadly defined as:
  • Swap Token A for Token B
  • Stake underlying tokens to receive LP tokens
  • Stake LP tokens into the farm
  • Collect farming rewards
  • Unstake LP tokens from farm
  • Unstake LP tokens to receive underlying tokens
These features can be built into a standardised framework within the Hadar wallet, while mapping the interactions on the backend to the relevant functions. For platforms which require fringe use cases, such as settlement processes or compounders, customised pages and buttons can be added, while adhering to prior design principles if there are overlaps with other dapps.