Centaur Rebalancer

This page was drafted in December 2020 and is currently due for an update. The core concepts are implemented as planned and the only difference is the formula used to plot the curve: y = kp/(x+k)

Effective price discovery and mitigation of impermanent loss depends heavily on the timely intervention of arbitrageurs. To accomplish this, Centaur Swap will be working with DEX aggregators and will also be launching its Arbitrageur-of-Last-Resort, the Centaur Rebalancer. Project teams can choose to deposit team tokens with the Centaur Rebalancer and the deposits will be used to arbitrage and offset any deficits or impermanent loss in those pools.

Pools that are protected by team deposits will be designated with the Rebalancer logo. In effect, the Rebalancer shifts the risk of impermanent loss to the team.