WHEY Tokenomics


Centaur Swap allow liquidity providers to earn WHEY governance tokens (refer to WHEY section for more details) by staking their tokens in the farm. WHEY is distributed on a per-block basis for each pool based on the following weights:

  • 300 - WHEY/WETH (SushiSwap SLP)

  • 300 - CNTR/WETH (Uniswap UNI-V2)

  • 200 - WHEY direct staking (To be replaced with governance pool in future)

  • 100 - ETH (Centaur Swap CS)

  • 100 - USDT (Centaur Swap CS)

  • 100 - DAI (Centaur Swap CS)

What is WHEY

WHEY is the governance token for Centaur Swap and operates on a fair-launch structure

  • Initial mint of 250,000 WHEY used to deploy the SushiSwap pool at $0.10

  • Initial mint provides $50k worth of liquidity

  • No fundraising rounds

  • No fixed allocation

  • 15% of mined WHEY will be added to the WHEY treasury and used to support the ecosystem

In future, WHEY holders will be able to vote on decisions relating to Centaur Swap, such as the onboarding of chains, deployment on other protocols and adjustments of transaction fees.

Inflation Schedule

250,000 WHEY will be minted to deploy the SushiSwap pool and the rest will be emitted based on the following emission schedule:

  • 400 WHEY per block during the early-adopter period of 16th April 2021 to 19th April 2021

  • 100 WHEY per block from 19th April 2021 to 16th May 2021

  • Reduction of 10 WHEY per block monthly for the next eight months

  • Reduction of 10% every month until 16th May 2024

  • 1 WHEY per block until 16th August 2026

The total supply of Whey will be capped at 150million.