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Ecosystem Comprehensivity

The Centaur Chain, Centaur Swap and Hadar Wallet were all developed with ecosystem complementarity in mind. The Hadar Wallet was developed with the aim of helping onboard users at the retail level and is a mobile application with a simple but streamlined user interface, orienting it towards convenience and easy access. On the other hand, institutional users and those familiar with the DeFi space can build directly on top of the Centaur Chain, which will serve as the cornerstone for a variety of use cases.
By onboarding retail investors via the Hadar, Centaur will give them the opportunity to be introduced to Centaur Swap in the future and once a potential in-built swap for Hadar is publicly released, the process of introducing the Centaur Swap to new retail investors can be streamlined even further. Conversely, institutional users can onboard their own users through their own dApps built on top of Centaur Chain. These dApps can also be eventually integrated into the Hadar Wallet following a stringent approval process. Users will be able to access a diversity of dApps covering a myriad of use cases.