An All-Encompassing DeFi Suite

Centaur is developing a semi-decentralised suite of solutions which has three main pillars: a mainnet, a swap and a multi-asset wallet. Each one of these was developed with the intention of remedying a persistent flaw plaguing popular DeFi solutions, while being highly synergistic as a part of an ecosystem.


The Hadar wallet is built to enable a streamlined user onboarding process, regardless of their level of experience. It is multi-chain compatible and is planned to seamlessly integrate with DeFi solutions such as decentralised exchanges and lending protocols.

Centaur Swap

Centaur Swap uses oracles and delayed settlement structures to enable single-side staking while eliminating impermanent losses and enhancing the efficiency of liquidity across all pools. It allows for greater flexibility for liquidity providers by maximising exposure to their preferred asset. For larger transactions, slippage is kept to a minimum and often lower than comparable platforms due to an innovative curve design.

Centaur Chain

Centaur Chain focuses on onboarding financial institutions and catering to CeFi use cases. With the support of strategic bridges across other protocols, whether they be Cosmos-based blockchains, EVMs or other native chains, it can serve as an on-ramp to the greater crypto-ecosystem for traditional finance.