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Step-By-Step Guide

Getting Started
Before getting started, you will need to install your preferred wallet of choice. Please follow this guide for Metamask.
Alternatively, all wallets supported by WalletConnect will be able to interact with the Centaur Swap interface.
Network Switching
Centaur Swap currently supports the Ethereum and Polygon network. You can switch seamlessly between the networks by either changing the network manually using the network switcher on the top right-hand corner of the page or by changing the network through your wallet.
On the Centaur Swap interface, click connect and select your preferred wallet service.
You will be prompted on your wallet for approval, click next and connect.
Select the tokens you would like to swap from and swap to. Your transaction will be able to go through as long as there is sufficient liquidity in the “from” pool.
Click swap to execute the transaction.
You will be prompted for two actions, one to approve the spending and the other to interact with the contract. Click confirm on both prompts.
Upon confirmation, your transaction will be queue in the settlement pool. You will be required to wait for 180 seconds before settlement of transaction to prevent oracle front-running.
Click settle once the countdown timer has completed and confirm the trade on your wallet. Your newly swapped asset will be reflected in your wallet once the transaction had been confirmed on the blockchain.
Liquidity Pools
Under the pools tab, you will be able to see a summary of the pools where liquidity can be provided.
Click on the desired pool to expand the details. Enter the amount of liquidity you would like to contribute and click deposit. The same works for withdrawals.
Confirm the transaction on the wallet and you should receive tokens with the CS-prefix that signifies your share in the liquidity pool.
In the farms tab, the initial launch will consist of 6 farms where you farm for WHEY rewards.
Click on the pool you want to contribute to, deposit and approve the transaction on the wallet. There will be two prompts, one to allow the spend and the other to interact with the contract. Please confirm for both prompts.
Your WHEY-farming journey starts once the transaction had been confirmed and a summary of your assets will be displayed for your reference.