State of on-chain validators

Any individual can become a validator on the Centaur Chain by running a node and putting up CNTR as collateral, otherwise known as staking. Centaur Chain aims to operate with a maximum of 100 validators. Once the maximum number of validators has been reached, the top 100 nodes with largest stakes will be selected as validators. If the stake is lower than the minimum amount required to be a validator, a node can also opt to direct their voting power to a delegate, thereby increasing the voting power of that validator and earning a portion of the rewards.
When a new validator replaces an existing validator, the existing validator will be deemed inactive and the stake will either be uncollateralised or redelegated. In the early stages, all node candidates will need to complete an approval process with Centaur before they can qualify as a node. This process is required for security reasons to prevent whales from gaining control of the network and consensus prior to network maturity, although the qualification of a node does not imply that they are automatically awarded validator status. Rather, it allows them to take part in the validator voting process.
For the technical details relating to validator onboarding, please refer to our github repository.