Cosmos IBC

The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) of Cosmos will enable Centaur Chain to communicate seamlessly with the other blockchain protocols within the growing Cosmos ecosystem, while giving Centaur Chain robust scalability. Cosmos IBC stands out as a cross-blockchain communication protocol because it will enable Centaur Chain to retain its own sovereignty, enabling it to engage in economic integration with external protocols, while not having to accept political integration with them. The Centaur Bridge will serve as the interface between Centaur Chain and external protocols, enabling CNTR holders to bridge crypto-assets between these protocols. Existing bridges are primarily designed around EVM-compatible[4] blockchains. With the inclusion of Cosmos IBC within the Centaur Bridge, Centaur Chain aims to be the most inclusive cross-chain settlement layer targeting the two largest blockchain ecosystems.
[4] Compatibility with EVM, or Ethereum Virtual Machine, means that developers can build the same way that they would do on Ethereum, and benefit from the same tools and applications