The Centaur Chain is designed to facilitate the onboarding of traditional financial institutions and will serve to function primarily as a settlement layer. This is done with the eventual goal of supporting use cases such as remittance, micro-financing, accounting, insurance and payroll.
In its initial stages, the Centaur Chain will be bootstrapped by a small network of validator nodes run by the team and some of its partners to maintain high uptime on the nodes, which in turn ensures the stability of the network. In time to come these validators will gradually be removed as the mainnet stabilises. There will initially be a small network of validator nodes being run by the internal team and some of its partners, to maintain fluidity in executing necessary amendments on the mainnet. Centaur Chain is expecting to onboard more validators in the future, while aiming to eventually acquire a hundred validators by the time its mainnet reaches maturity.

Tendermint Core

The Tendermint Core Consensus of the Cosmos SDK has gained an industry-wide reputation for its high throughput and ability to be implemented smoothly. The Centaur Chain has utilised is Cosmos Stargate which is a collection of Cosmos updates that will allow Cosmos blockchains to trustlessly communicate with each other. As the Tendermint Core Consensus is designed to be a general purpose consensus engine that can be used as a plug-and-play replacement for other consensus engines, it is largely protocol agnostic. Centaur hopes to optimise the development of its Tendermint Core to facilitate its end goal of protocol agnosticism.